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CA Rebate changes from Nov.1st 2016

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So as I read this:
If income less than:
Household Size 300% FPL
1 $35,640
2 $48,060
3 $60,480
4 $72,900
5 $85,320
6 $97,740
7 $110,190
8 $122,670

Rebate on Bolt $4500 - Rebate on Volt $3500 (Better by $500 compared to now)

If income higher than above BUT lower than:
$150,000 for single filers
$204,000 for head-of-household filers
$300,000 for joint filers

Your rebate is $2500 for Bolt and $1500 for Volt (Same as now)

If income higher than above:

Your rebate is $0 for Bolt and $0 for Volt (negative for 150k-250k single filers and 300k-500k joint filers).

Did I read this right?

To me this seems overall negative news (especially for Tesla buyers :))
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Depending on how much lease cash GM Financial is going to provide on the Bolt in CA, these can end up as pretty inexpensive leases for lower income Californians after you apply the $4500 as cash down. So there's also that factor to take into account.
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