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CA considering $10k rebate on EV's

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The essence of the plan: lift California rebates from $2,500 to $10,000 or more for a compact electric car, making, for example, a Chevrolet Bolt EV electric car cost the same as a gasoline-driven Honda Civic. Already approved by several Senate and Assembly committees, the bill will go to Gov. Jerry Brown for his approval or veto if the full Legislature approves it by the end of its current session on Sept. 15.

Wow, if that passes, it would beat the CO $6k rebate by a wide margin. Of course, this just a proposal, don't get too excited yet.
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Makes me want to move to Republik of Kahleeforneeah.... oh wait, the higher cost of housing probably demolishes the EV rebate savings.
Depends on where you live.
How about comparing a $500K house in rural IL to a similar house in rural Cali, an hour drive from Silicon Valley on a early Sunday morning with no traffic. I did a quick search on Zillow for houses in Sunnyvale (right in the middle of it all) and it's interesting, a bunch of inexpensive houses, then a big jump into $1M+ houses. It seems the $400-600K houses are few and far between, probably because they get snapped up before they can even make it to Zillow.
But.....When California is deemed a COUNTRY by President "Moonbeam" Brown there will be FREE Electric cars for ALL!
The ONLY question is.... will we need DUAL Citizenship to qualify for the Free Electric Car...AND WILL the TAXES EXCEED THE CARS VALUE????
But if the Republik of Kahleeforneeah secedes from the Union, they will not longer qualify for the federal tax credits. And nothing comes for free. The taxes are already high - they will only get higher.
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