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C1225 code and skid control system

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I had code C1225 pop up. After replacing the hub and sensor the light went out and most of the time the car drives normally. However, when I take a turn at moderate speeds skid control engages. Is there some kind of recalibration that needs to happen? I did not unplug the battery when replacing the parts. Also, I bought the washer below after reading it could be the issue but there wasn’t one to replace so since I didn’t know where to put it and I did not install.

One complicating factor. The day before doing this work I had 2 new tires put on the back and alignment done. On the way home it felt like something was loose and but upon checking there wasn't. Though I didn't notice it at the time it is likely the anti skid was causing this but I didn't see the light coming on. It could be because the ABS light was on I wasn't getting a notification when the system was intervening.
The car feels mostly normal when I turn off the traction and skid control (it feels like it never completely turns off?), though the rear end does feel a bit more loose than normal and not as confidence inspiring.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Sounds to me like the wheel hub is loose enough to make the sensor loose it's reading when subjected to side load. Maybe alignment of sensor is off a little as well.
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