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buying used, how was your experience...

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I am considering a used Gen 1 Volt, and I had found a couple of dealerships in the Lexington area within a 30 minute drive have a used volt in their inventory. 3 of them our at chevy dealership, one of them being certified but has an accident on its carfax but at 11K miles and 2015 with safety packages at $18K I was not gonna rule it out.

However this is the experience I am running into. I one, have no experience driving these vehicles, and I do question if it would be the right vehicle for me... When buying a new vehicle I have no problem taking a car for an overnight test drive before buying. But all 4 of these dealerships do not offer this. It is honestly very difficult for them to even let you drive it without them in the car. So honestly I have been stuck going around a preplanned driving course that the dealership pretty much uses for any test drive.

I am the type of person I want to sit and figure out the center stake, I want to drive it through one of my daily work commutes.. before making a decision. Has anyone else had this type of problem when they were shopping, were you able to make yourself feel comfortable before signing on a line about a completely different type of vehicle that is hard to sell to the mainstream. I would think the dealers would be more understanding of the concerns about changing to this type of vehicle.

Any advise from those that bought used, to what extend did you test the vehicle before you purchased?


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I purchased a CPO 2013 Premium with 48,000+ miles. The out-the-door price was $15,000. I took a short test drive of that specific car just to make sure it was fine, but given that it was a CPO I wasn't really worried about it. As the car I wanted was a three-hour drive away from me, I did all my negotiation via email and texting. I bought it from a huge dealership with a dedicated Internet sales division, so they were familiar with the process.

I've been extremely happy with the car so far. I've only put gasoline in it twice since I purchased it three months ago, and that was the result of driving it back home after purchase, a interstate trip to a conference, and a couple ~100 mile commutes to a remote office. Day-to-day I use no gasoline, and have even managed to have the car enter the ICE maintenance mode with a lack of usage.

Be warned: Buy one, then drive it for a while, and it will ruin most other cars for you. The immediate shove of torque coupled with a single-speed transmission is incredibly satisfying--especially for city driving. Add the driving experience to the quiet, composed nature of the car and it is a perfect commuter vehicle. I plan to keep the Volt for a long time, but any future daily driver I ever replace it with will be electric as well.
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