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I am reading a ton of stories on this forum about people getting the run-around and getting 5k tacked on their MSRP. I live in the far-west suburbs of Chicago and have worked with Don McCue Chevrolet in Saint Charles, and Advantage Chevrolet in Bolingbrook. I ultimately ordered a Volt through Byron at Advantage. I chose them because they a) Had a demo Volt that they bought from a NY dealer, b) Ordered me a Volt that they will sell to me at MSRP, and MSRP goes for anyone wanting a Volt there, no B.S. and c) they really worked with me on ordering one and keeping me posted. Byron actually ordered me me PVKQ0W Volt as soon as he got back from the Volt training that day, and to date has put up with my nagging.

I don't work for Advantage, and ultimately you need to make up your own mind on how to spend your own money, buy this Byron guy definitively gets my recommendation if you live in northern Illinois. He knows his stuff.
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