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I love my 2015 volt and was seriously considering upgrading it recently.

On the used side the price difference is just too large in my opinion. The quirk specials for a 2018 LT with leather was 15.5k after the federal tax rebate. Factors in about 2-3k of profit on the trade and buying at kbb price and similar to carvana prices.

A 2017 with 35k miles is hard to find under 17-18k which makes little sense to me.

Expect to lose half your range in the winter - cold + winter tires. Using gas actually isn't bad to heat up the car and protect your battery.

ACC ane Android Auto / Apple Carplay are Generally 2 only options. A Gen 1 with NAV, Sirus and Bluetooth generally does all of that. Western PA, traffic is less of an issue and ACC is less of an issue. The NAV system is great and the OnStar send to vehicle option is a great way to get addresses plugged into your car.

I'd say save some money and find a good 2015 Gen 1. I would also be open to higher mileage. Remember that the car essentially has two systems a gas and electric one and there is a ton of over engineering in the Gen 1. Look at the overall mpg. If you plan to charge overnight every night don't be afraid of higher engine usage/lower lifetime mpg, the battery likely has fewer cycles and you will likely use your engine less.

Prices in the used market are cheap. You can get a loaded Volt for less than a loaded Cruze in many cases which makes no sense to me.

Doing the math, I would think about cost to own to get to 8 years/100k miles where the Voltec warranty ends up. Plug in a low salvage value past that point (3-5k). Think about your cost to own the car in years and miles (before financing cost if applicable) up until 8yr/100k miles. The 2015 volt should come up way ahead in every case.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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