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Previously owned a 2013 Gen 1. Current car is a 2017 Gen 2 Premier. The Gen 1 was sold, but here’s why I would go for a Gen 2. Range - I would get around 35 mi out of my 2013 battery. I consistently get 45-53 mi out of the 2017, depending upon weather. Handling - The 2017 has better balance, with less understeer. It turns in much better. You can point and shoot this car. It goes where you want it and seems more responsive to steering corrections mid-corner. Infotainment - Lightyears ahead of Gen 1. I use Waze for navigationg. The stock navigation screen is too cluttered for me. Ditched my Garmin too. Better Acceleration - Not sure if you care, but the torque curve is better from a standing start. That is the first thing I noticed when test driving the 2017.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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