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The Gen 2 Volt (2016 - 2019) has Apple Carplay and Android Auto; neither is available for any of the Gen 1 Volts (2010/11 - 2015)

Starting in early summer 2017 the Gen 2 Volt Premier (2017 - 2019) started to become available with adaptive cruise control (ACC). If you do any commuting driving on local roads or highways ACC can reduce your driving stress level and right foot fatigue by at least 50%. I would not purchase another vehicle that does not have this type of radar cruise control.

You would have no problem navigating your daily commute of 43 miles solely on the battery even in winter. Except for longer distance trips you will wonder why you even purchased another vehicle with a gas engine since you will rarely need it.

Right now the sweet spot would be a used 2017 Volt (I would only consider a Volt Premier with DC, DC2 and ACC) or a new 2018 Volt. The 2019 Volt Premier offers a few features that may matter to you; power driver's seat with lumbar support but no memory seat settings, 7.2kW charging so you can fully charge in 2.25 hours, advanced ACC (you can choose to use regular cruise control if weather conditions prevent use of ACC) but if the weather and roads are bad you probably should not be using cruise control anyway. HD backup camera, higher resolution and updated driver information center screen display, higher resolution infotainment screen, There are a few more minor convenience features available on the 2019.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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