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I wish I could have sold you my 2017 Premier in December when I turned it back to the leasing company so I could buy a 2019. After 30 months and 33K miles, I never had a lick of trouble with it, ever. It sold at auction for $20,300. On MA roads, I consistently got a battery range in the 70s during mild weather and minimal highway driving. In addition to other things mentioned in this string, the huge drawback to the Gen1 Volt is the tiny controls on the center stack. Gen2 controls and information displays are superb and it has the regeneration paddle that is a wonderful addition for ease of driving, energy efficiency, and conservation of brake pads. In my mind, the Gen2 is head and shoulders above the Gen1 in performance, technology, and overall design. It would last you for a very long time and you would be very happy with it.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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