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Buying a Pre-Owned Volt (2013-2015)

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Hello all,

So I've been reading as much as I can on the forum and would love some input on my current situation. I've asked the same question on other forums with some so-so responses, so here it goes:

So I’m looking for a way to make my work commute/expenses better for 2018.
I’ve been looking at '13-15 Chevy Volts and see them ranging from 12-16k anywhere from 30-50k miles.

Would definitely appreciate some insight!

Here’s my current situation:

I drive 27/mi each way to my office passing through downtown LA 5 days a week. I easily spend at least 3 hours a day driving.
I occasionally drive around the county for work ranging from 10 to as far as 120 miles. I believe I racked up about 25-30k in 2017.

My current vehicle is a 2015 Acura ILX 2.4 Manual. It’s sitting at 62k miles w/about $16.5k left for the loan.
My dad wants the car and is willing just to take over payments, so I need another car.
After seeing how much I drove in 2017 and facing LA traffic, the Volt can definitely help with saving time and money.

My main concerns with the Volt are:

Reliability (I know they come with 10yr/150k warranties on battery in CA)
Value (it’s depreciated so much since new, could it really get that much lower??)
Maintenance (unfamiliar with an electric car, American cars in general as well)

What should I be looking for in a Volt? (ex. lower miles > year)
Premium vs Base (worth it?) Ideally I'd love the Bose stereo + leather, but price-wise I really don't wanna spend too much. (looking around 13-14k)

Would love some feedback from the Volt community!

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I appreciate all the insight! Seems like there are a lot more Base models than Premium, do you think it's worth it? All I really need is a nice stereo & backup cam.

I can definitely charge my car at work and if I don't have to go out of the office, I can just use the battery!

@tacman7 I also forgot to mention another big reason for choosing a Volt > Prius is the opportunity to use the HOV 2+ lanes for free here in CA. About 12 miles is via Expressway and can cut my commute time by a decent amount.
Thanks for the insight. I think a Base model is probably what I'm aiming for since there's a good amount of them available.

As far as the usual things to look for in a pre-owned car, what is recommended on the Volt?
If anyone can shoot some useful threads down my way, that would be great as well..I'll be looking as well.

I know the lifetime MPG is a great indicator of how the car was previously driven.
Well, I am now a proud owner of a '15 Volt Premium. Picked it up from a first owner with 22k miles, great service history and had a lifetime MPG of 216 (sad to report I've lowered it by 2mpg already)

Initial impressions: I saved 25 minutes driving to work one-way, didn't use any gas and L mode is GREAT for LA traffic.

So far so good, thank you to all for the input and I look forward to being an active member!

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