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Hi, I hope, it is OK to post in this forum, because I think, the Volt-owners can give great feedback here!

I'm interested in buying an Ampera in Germany. The one that I eye atm is a real MY2013 in white color, which I like and is pretty cheap with about 12k€.
The only thing ist the mileage with about 130k miles (208k km). In the German forums I couldn't find anyone, who has experience with these high mileages, so I hope to receive some feedbacks from Volt-owners.

Do you drive a Volt for more than 130k miles already? Is there anything OK with it (the chassis in general, the electronics, the ICE, the e-motor, the battery, just all the usual things)?
On the other side I drive a Toyota Corolla Diesel with more than 191k miles (306k km) on it and it still drives like a charm haha! :-D

Anyway it could be a different thing with a Volt / Ampera, so I kindly ask you for feedback.

Thank you a lot, write you soon!
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