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Buying a 2013 Volt

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I live in a fairly small Michigan town and Volts (and EVs in general) are relatively uncommon. I did recently come across a very nice 2013 Volt for sale locally by its original owner and I am very interested. I would appreciate any thoughts you all might have.

It is a 2013 and has 51k miles. It honestly looks like new inside and out, dark gray with back cloth interior and the white center stack. No navigation (fine with me)but withbheated seats (appreciated). The tires are only a few months old. It includes a GE branded 240v wall charger that can be plugged into a large outlet. I don’t have such an outlet in my garage but I do have good placement of 120v plugs at home and some ChargePoint chargers in the parking structure of my office.

He is asking $12,900. It’s not a “steal” but seems fair given the condition of the car and the added charger.

I met him at the local Chevy dealer where I paid for an inspection of the car. They found no codes, damage (other than a small curb mark on a wheel) and gave the car a clean bill of health. Even the underside is very clean for a Michigan car driven in liberally salted winter roads. So, no surprises, but they also verified that the Voltec warranty has 3 years left on time.

Any thoughts? Warnings?

Does using the iOS app for the car require a paid OnStar subscription?
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I too have a 2013 and love it. The only thing you gain by getting a late 2014 or 2015 is slightly more battery range and the ability to have the car talk to you while texting (others may remember more features). I would think twice about a 2011/12 as those don’t have hold mode and an even smaller battery.

The important features to me are rear parking sensors and camera. Visibility is horrible. Think A, B and C pillars, high beltline, low roofline leads to some interesting visibility issues. After awhile, you get into the habit of lookin, bobbing your head back and forth to make sure nobody is behind the A pillar, looking again, and one more time to make sure before going.

Agreed, the NAV is pretty much useless in this day and age of Siri and google.

As for mileage, it would be important to understand whether most of the miles are EV or ICE (internal combustion engine). That can be gauged by looking at the lifetime MPG. If it is 250+ then the car has been driven mostly EV. If it is 40-60, then it is mostly ICE. My choice would be less ICE as engine wear is not recoverable without an engine overhaul, whereas the battery has temperature management and is babied - electric motors very rarely wear out. There’s a volt out there named Sparky that has some obscene 300k+ mile (maybe he’s at over 400k+ by now). Of course, he’s using mostly ICE for his daily commute.
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I am confused, then. This car is a 2013 and has heated cloth seats.
If the interior it a pebble beige color, then it’s possible they are suede leather seets that loom and feel like cloth. Otherwise, i’d say That the heaters sets were custom ordered.

You can get a free 5 year basic onstar that allows you to use the iPod app to remote start and do in dash navigation. Theynjust recently changed their plans so maybe I’m grandfathered into this basic plan.
The '13 requires premium gas. The '14 is good with regular. That could be a factor if you expect to burn more than a few gallons a month.
No it isn’t. The ‘16-19 volts are good with regular. The ‘14-15 models still require premium. Nothing changed in the ‘14-15 models in the drivetrain except some 2014s Nd all 2015s got a slightly bigger battery. Although many people claim they can drive a gen1 on regular, I won’t do it. You are risking the life and longevity of a car over the price of a blueberry muffin per fillup. Get your priorities straight.
The Level 2 charger at home will be handy in the winter when you pre-condition the car before driving. Warming the car while still charging greatly increases your overall range.
Technically it doesn’t increase your range at all. It just decreases the amount of battery sapped by the vehicle to warm the battery and cabin. You will still get a range hit because Li-Ion batteries don’t work well in cold.

Quite frankly, i’ve stopped worrying about it and just drive the volt plugging in when convenient. There are much more important things to worry about than tryin to eek out every last electron. That said, I still love my L2 EVSE and dont’ know How all the L1 folks live with themselves.
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