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Buying a 2013 Volt

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I live in a fairly small Michigan town and Volts (and EVs in general) are relatively uncommon. I did recently come across a very nice 2013 Volt for sale locally by its original owner and I am very interested. I would appreciate any thoughts you all might have.

It is a 2013 and has 51k miles. It honestly looks like new inside and out, dark gray with back cloth interior and the white center stack. No navigation (fine with me)but withbheated seats (appreciated). The tires are only a few months old. It includes a GE branded 240v wall charger that can be plugged into a large outlet. I don’t have such an outlet in my garage but I do have good placement of 120v plugs at home and some ChargePoint chargers in the parking structure of my office.

He is asking $12,900. It’s not a “steal” but seems fair given the condition of the car and the added charger.

I met him at the local Chevy dealer where I paid for an inspection of the car. They found no codes, damage (other than a small curb mark on a wheel) and gave the car a clean bill of health. Even the underside is very clean for a Michigan car driven in liberally salted winter roads. So, no surprises, but they also verified that the Voltec warranty has 3 years left on time.

Any thoughts? Warnings?

Does using the iOS app for the car require a paid OnStar subscription?
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If the car was driven 99% electric, sounds Ike a good deal. Show him comparable ones with fewer miles as above and see if he will come down another $500 or so. Then I’d say go for it. As to the 240 charger you can get a 240 charger for $200 or less that’s not a big deal but it is nice to have though; you will have to have someone put in a 240 line however and that’ll cost you another six or $700 probably. You could also use that as an argument for him to bring the price down a bit.

I don’t think using iOS requires any Onstar subscription. But I have a gen 2 and don’t know what the precise software they use for Gen 1...

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