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Buick LaCrosse is getting improved mild eAssist for 2018

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It appears the front page story from a few weeks back got it wrong
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The number of cylinders has little direct tie in to efficiency or power.

2017 GM I4 2.0L economy engine = 275HP / 295ftlb - 22/25/31 mpg 3410lb
2017 Toyota V6 3.5L economy engine = 268HP / 246ftb - 21/24/30 mpg 3480lb

I would say virtually identical.
Not necessarily. Most of the time "there is no replacement for displacement" when it comes to performance. Of course the more cylinders, displacement in this case, you have the less fuel efficient your engine will be, in general.

2014 Volt Premium - Safety pkg 1 and 2, Navigation
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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