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Buick LaCrosse is getting improved mild eAssist for 2018

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It appears the front page story from a few weeks back got it wrong
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Thanks for sharing...

Oy, GM marketing...

"This new eAssist system, when coupled with the four-cylinder engine, has a 19 percent increase in city fuel economy compared to the LaCrosse’s advanced V-6"

Thank GM for making than telling me a four banger more efficient than a V6...
The number of cylinders has little direct tie in to efficiency or power.

2017 GM I4 2.0L economy engine = 275HP / 295ftlb - 22/25/31 mpg 3410lb
2017 Toyota V6 3.5L economy engine = 268HP / 246ftb - 21/24/30 mpg 3480lb

I would say virtually identical.
The I4 engine you picked is high performance turbo in the base camaro, manual states 91 is recommended and by using 87 your fuel economy will suffer...Not what I'd call "economy" yet on the Lacrosse it appears a sub 200hp engine is not available...
One tidbit of info, this eAssist is the STANDARD engine while the V6 is optional...

Well, they can still count this as one of the "electrified vehicles" GM is introducing this year. I myself have a higher bar for "electrified vehicle", however.
This isn't the first time, looks like this was offered as early as 2012 and they claim it improved it by 25% improvement for the 2012 and that's over the four cylinder...
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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