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Broken SPX Voltec L2 EVSE for sale

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I've got an SPX (Bosch) Voltec L2 EVSE that died on my last month. It lasted for just a couple months short of 4 years, so I guess I got a pretty good run out of it. Anyway, when I took the cover off and tested the fuses it looks like the lower fuse on the controller board blew. My wife wasn't too interested in having me try to fix it my self (I've never soldered anything before, nor do I have any of the tools necessary). We went ahead and purchased a new Clipper Creek unit. Anyway, I've got the SPX unit sitting around still. Is anyone interested in buying it from me? I saw a similar post from about a year and a half ago where some folks seemed interested in buying it for parts. Contact me if you've got questions or if you're interested. Thanks.
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I've got a buyer, so we can close or delete the post, whatever the standard policy is.
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