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Bring your own TPMS sensors to Costco. They don't have 2017 sensors

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I just got a set of Blizak snow tires at Costco and a set of Velux rims from When I had the tires installed they didn't have TPMS sensors for the 2017 or the 2016. Their scanner knew nothing about 2016 or 2017 Volts but it did know about 2016 Malibu's and the TPMS sensors in my Chevy wheels matched however they didn't have TPMS sensors for the Malibu either. Their supplier is Dill, on Dill's website it says 2017 Volt coming soon so that explains why Costco doesn't have the sensors.

So for anyone else planning on getting snows for the gen2 Volt at Costco you will have to buy the sensors else where. I'm going to try to live without them until spring.
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I had the same experience at Discount Tire, although they initially ordered and installed the wrong (315mhz instead of 433mhz) sensors, so the TPMS light was constantly lit up. After reading this forum, I found the correct 433mhz part number and they ended up using a generic, programmable, TPMS sensor using the 433mhz frequency. After installing these new sensors they couldn't get their handheld reader to link them to my car, as it had no profile for the 2017 Volt. While in the store, I went back to these forums and someone mentioned tricking the reader by using another GM vehicle that used 433mhz. After much fretting they eventually gave this a try and it worked (I think it was a Corvette profile, not a Malibu). So if anyone is getting winter tires installed for their 2017 Volt, there is a way Costco or any other retailer can get the TPMS to work, but it is a workaround and takes some persuading.
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