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Bricked my Instrument Cluster, could use some help.

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While attempting to update the Instrument Cluster I didn't realize that the vehicle USB port that the update mentioned was not the one in the center console but was actually a USB port on the back of the cluster, now the cluster reads a continuous loop with the words: "IPS_MSG_CTRL (Activated)"
I have tried re-applying the update with the USB drive plugged into the cluster and it fails every time, I have tried to re-program the cluster as a new ECU but there is no communication, I have also removed the cluster wire connector and let sit for a couple of hours and nothing.
Just curious if anybody else has done this and recovered from it or if a new cluster off Ebay is in order?
Many thanks
I also know that GM recommends not to flash updates unless needed, I was hoping to resolve an issue in which the screen stays blank on start-up.
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Okay, here it comes :)
Why would i update the Instrument cluster and would it not have been updated on one of the service vists?
Volt from 12/2011 here :)

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