The Detroit News today reported an interview with GM vice-chairman Bob Lutz. Lutz verified for the first time publicly that a Chevy Volt prototype with an actual full-sized lithium ion battery is actually running.

To me this marks a dramatic and critical turning point in the nearly year and half we've been following the car's development.

This is the PROOF of CONCEPT. Yeah we have been sort of sure they could pull it off, but the running of this mule verifies it. From what I know the mule has all of the basic components the final Chevy Volt will although in rough form, now most importantly including the full 16 kWh 40+ mile range lithium-ion battery pack. Keep in mind the mule is using a late model Malibu shell that has nothing to do with the final design of the car.

It's a big day here at folks, time to rejoice...just a little over 2 years left to the showroom. Stay tuned.

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Source ( Detroit News )