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Bought Volt LT over the holiday.

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Bought my first american car and very happy with it. Decided not to get another Toyota after 2 major failures(ABS pump+Master Cyl and now head gasket) with my 2010 Prius II and I'm very glad to be driving Volt.
Price is $35090 MSRP(LT + Pearl) and paid $29750+tax/lic/etc. I think I can probably do another $250-500 easily since they have alot of units in the lot.
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Welcome to the family, and don't be a stranger. Surprised to hear you had such issues with your Prius. Thought they were very reliable. Oh, and while you may still have a chance to swap at the dealer, test for the *BANG* issue in my sig. Essentially, when you run out of EV range, do some neighboorhood stop-n-go driving (or traffic) and listen for a bang every so often as you accelerate from 0 to 10+ mph. If you just gun it to 60 mph you won't hear it. If you've done it for maybe 4 days straight in 70F or warmer weather, I'd say you don't suffer from the bang.

If you do hear the bang/misfire sound, go swap your Volt pronto. Or give GM corp hell. >:)
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