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When I bought my 2015 Volt Premium in May, Carmax had installed 2 new Pirelli Cinturato Strada tires on the front, and left the original Goodyear Assurance tires on the rear. I didn't like the wear on those Goodyears and I had heard stories about the thin sidewalls. So after looking up the Pirellis on the Discount Tire web site and reading the great reviews I decided to get 2 more new ones for the rear. On the site, I noticed that we had a Discount Tire store that recently opened about 8 miles from the house, so I made an appointment for 9:00. They took the Volt in exactly at 9, and a few minutes later I got a text telling me that multiple tires on my 2015 Volt were going flat or needed air! Never had a car that did that before. Anyway, they were finished by 9:20 and I was on my way. Great people to deal with, and a pleasant experience. Now I have 4 new matching Pirellis with a 70,000 mile warranty and the Volt drives great.
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