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Bought 2014 Volt w/ 23000 mi and I love it. However, my thoughts. I am from Columbus, OH

1) Went on a 4-day 1500 mi road trip around MI and Canada, mostly on gas
a) Smooth, very comfortable, quiet ride, like a luxury car, as long as you are going over 70 mph.
b) Avg MPG ~ 42 for the entire trip = 1483 miles driven.
c) Loud humming sound at 57 mph, seems to come from rear. Gentle release of accelerator alleviates that
humming sound. Engine may trigger resonant vibration of some mech component in rear possibly rear
d) Chrome trim on steering wheel reflects sun into your eyes and blinds you.
2) Full charge gives me 52 miles indicated range. I get more out of the battery easily
a) Work 30 miles away: Take back country roads home on all electric: initial 40 indicated -- 15+ miles
indicated when I arrive home.
b) Highway to work, gas only ----- backroads from work to home, electric only. avg mpg = 95
b) Collision avoidance goes nuts when car goes by you in other direction on a curved two-lane road.

3) There are ample FREE charging stations around Columbus, OH: Whole Foods, Ohio State U., Downtown Park, etc..

I like this car very much, despite some design flaws. I look forward to driving it every day.

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