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Bought 2013 new in November 2014 warranty expired

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As apart of the sale I had the dealer put in writing the in service date of November 2014 GM and dealer still say 3/36 is expired and I have one full year off my drivetrain warranty too.

Volt advisor repeated this garbage. I find this infuriating that I lost a year off the warranty and at the time I had other volt options I would have taken instead knowing this.

Any recourse besides bitching?
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For new cars, the warranty calendar starts when you sign the papers. The warranty miles starts at the miles on the odo when purchased. Part of the cost of the car is the factory warranty. You are buying 3 years or 36,000 miles of YOUR ownership on new unregistered cars.

However, it is puzzling why GM would back up the dealer. Something is not right, that's not usually what occurs.

Are you SURE the car was bought as a new car? Did it have plates on it?
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