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Bought 2013 new in November 2014 warranty expired

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As apart of the sale I had the dealer put in writing the in service date of November 2014 GM and dealer still say 3/36 is expired and I have one full year off my drivetrain warranty too.

Volt advisor repeated this garbage. I find this infuriating that I lost a year off the warranty and at the time I had other volt options I would have taken instead knowing this.

Any recourse besides bitching?
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If you actually have a paper saying the in service date, threaten to get a lawyer. If that doesn't work, actually consult with a lawyer.

If course if there is nothing wrong with the car, and nothing breaks in this 1 year warranty loss, then no harm no foul. I wouldn't get an attorney until there is a real reason to sue. Suing on principle with no real loss would be a waste of money. But rattling your saber and telling the dealership you've always wanted to own a dealership would be fun.

I had a lot of fun threatening a certain popular recliner furniture company (rhymes with hazy boy) when it took them 6 months to repair a broken recliner, and in the meantime a second recliner in the set broke. For the cost of certified mail, and envelope, and some time spent writing a letter, they jumped through a bunch of hoops to make things right. The certified mail is the only way to prove that the received the letter and making them think that you've consulted an attorney.

So unless you purchased a demo model (which places the car in service) and you think you really have a case, go after them and go after them hard. If you get to the point where you are looking for an attorney, find one that is so mean, even you don't like them. You're looking for a putbull who will make their life miserable.
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My car was a never titled demo car used as a show car, only had 132 miles on the odometer. The warranty was placed in service when it became a show car, but chevy considers it a certified pre-owned... so my OEM warranty plus the CPO warranty is actually longer than just the OEM warranty would have been. And the government considers it a new car since it was never titled, so I am eligible for the income tax credit. If the warranty was already in service, the car should have been heavily discounted and sold as a CPO used car rather than a new car.

My car had 700+ test drive miles on it, but was sold as new (heavily discounted). I got to 36k miles in 18 months, so I had no chance of hitting the calendar deadline of the warranty. At the 3 year mark, I'm at 62k miles. I'm hoping to get to 200k miles before having to replace the car (and avoid any major repairs - know on wood)
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