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Bought 2013 new in November 2014 warranty expired

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As apart of the sale I had the dealer put in writing the in service date of November 2014 GM and dealer still say 3/36 is expired and I have one full year off my drivetrain warranty too.

Volt advisor repeated this garbage. I find this infuriating that I lost a year off the warranty and at the time I had other volt options I would have taken instead knowing this.

Any recourse besides bitching?
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In Canada, a new car warranty is reduced 1 month for each month the vehicle is unsold after the model year expires. A 2013 sold in March of 2014 only has 33 months warranty on it. Typically, these cars are heavily discounted as they are considered a year old even though sold as new.

I had this situation on a Ford that I purchased. I was told up front though that this would be the case. Is it right? Doesn't seem like it is right but it appears that is the case.
I just bought a 2014 volt with one year left on the warranty. The dealer told me and I have in writing that the warranty is good from the day first in service, in this case Sept 2014 till Sept 2017. I have the full warranty till then, not prorated in any way.
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