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Bose sound system

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I recently upgraded to a 2016 Volt from a 2013 Volt. I'm very impressed with the Bose sound system. I'm especially impressed with XM satellite radio. In the past I've thought it wasn't worth the money to pay for radio (after the free trial period runs out). But with the Bose system (mostly newer) music sounds great, with thundering bass and great range and separation. Modern music has a lot of bass. I've listened carefully, but I haven't heard any buzzing or rattling or distortion. It sounds very solid. Of course it is new. I'm rethinking paying for radio. I wonder if anyone can tell me where the sub-woofer is. Or is there one?
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The Gen II Volt Bose setup is 'ok' subjectively, but when I drive my 2010 Infiniti, also equipped with a Bose system, the sound is noticeably better. I'm making that judgement when listening to SiriusXM. I'm not disappointed in the Volt Bose, but there are certainly better designs out there!
I believe the Bose system in the Volt is different than what you would experience in other cars because the Bose in the Volt is specifically designed to draw less power, to conserve energy. The output will be less and therefore sound won't be the same. I'm not an audiophile so not a good judge, for me the Bose in the Volt sounds pretty good, certainly good enough.
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