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Bolt - first reviews start to come out

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And here is one from Consumer Reports -
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First of all, if you half paid attention, CR clearly said it was merely a preview. If you're complaining about CR's reviews then surely you would know their reviews are very thorough, with tons of info.

Personally, I love their car reviews. They are clearly car enthusiasts (they LOVE the Miata and the Subaru BRZ, for instance) and they are not afraid to tell it like it is.

Finally, CR seems to like the Bolt so far, and is one of the few sites that mentioned the Bolt's fun-to-drive nature early on (months ago).
I went to CR's website and looked up their write-up of the Bolt that accompanied the video above. Some excerpts:

"The Bolt's rather mundane looks mask the car's advanced technology and sophistication. Take a turn behind the wheel and you immediately feel the silent, instant electric torque from the moment you tap the throttle. With 200-electrified horses on tap, this small hatchback accelerates with gusto.

By virtue of the low-mounted battery, the Bolt feels planted in corners, despite its tall stance. The car is eager to tackle a curvy road and is actually fun to drive—virtues that most EVs can’t claim. The ride is firm, yet compliant and composed, making the Bolt feel solid and substantial."

"You sit high in the Bolt—almost on par with small SUVs. Big windows make it feel open and airy, and visibility is good. There's decent space in the rear seat, helped by a totally flat floor. Nicely textured plastic and orange-colored stitching on the optional leather seats liven up the cabin."

"No question, GM has accomplished a commendable feat here with the Bolt's long cruising range and fairly affordable price. If you don’t see a lot of Tesla Model 3 intenders canceling their reservations, it might be due to the Bolt’s somewhat dorky styling. Otherwise, we’re upbeat about the Bolt and look forward to buying one for a complete test soon."

Oh yeah, I forgot - they don't actually do a review until they buy the car from the dealership themselves, vs getting one directly from the carmaker.
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