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I had a test drive with the Bolt EV brought to me. There may be a time limit but there wasn't anyone signed up after me so it ended up being maybe 45 minutes to an hour. I'll post when I can figure out what the web site is (it was on the side of the car, Duh!). The test drive is being offered in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Between those areas Orange County is also squeezed in.

I had a problem with the driver's seat being somewhat uncomfortable. Maybe my butt is too wide. My wife had no issue. I also had a problem with the mirror. It may not have been pointed correctly. From the back seat it was perfect. From the front, I generally couldn't see through a glare. If the view would have been as good as it was from the back it would have been awesome. As others have mentioned, plenty of room in the back. Also liked the surround camera. I can parallel park, but the camera makes it simple. Would be easy to back in and stay between the lines!

My wife thought it was quieter than the Volt or the ELR. I didn't notice that. I also didn't think it was as smooth on the road, likely because of the shorter wheelbase. The short wheelbase would, however, be lovely for local driving. Very linear and good acceleration, maybe a little too strong for the front suspension. You could likely chirp the wheels.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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