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Bolt EV rear view mirror camera: not just a gimmick!

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Before taking possession of my Bolt Premier, I had read up on the Rear View Mirror Camera (RVMC) that came with the Premier trim. It sounded cool and everything, but would it turn out to be an actual useful feature, or just one of those “Hey, check this out!” features that was used just to impress passengers for the first time?

After nearly 4 months of ownership, I can say that (at least for me) the RVMC is not just a gimmick! I probably have the RVMC set to camera mode over 95% of the time. The only times I find it NOT so handy?
1. When driving in the rain (fogs up or view gets obstructed by water pretty easily)
2. At night on a dark road (can’t really see anything). Though you CAN see when the rear brake lights turn on when you are slowing via regen.

Otherwise, I have it flipped to camera mode all the time. In addition to offering a wider angle view out the back, I’ve also found that it actually eliminates the blind spots. So a car normally entering your blind spot will still be partially visible in the RVMC until it enters view in the side mirrors.

And of course, you can still get a crystal clear view out the rear even when you have stuff inside the car blocking the view out the back. I stopped by a Party City store to get some balloons for the boy’s birthday party. Ended up getting 3 huge foil balloons that pretty much took up the entire backseat area space and blocked the view out the hatch. No problem, still had a perfect view out the rear via the RMVC!

Hopefully this review is helpful for anyone trying to decide whether the Premier is worth getting for the RMVC (and other features not on a LT).
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