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Bolt EV Rear Camera Mirror - Real-world experience?

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For any Bolt EV owners with the rearview mirror camera, I'm wondering how the real-world experience has been in regards to the camera to getting dirty, especially for anyone driving in dusty or salty areas?

-Does the camera get dirty as quickly as the Volt's rear camera? (For the Volt it's especially bad in winter driving w/ salty roads.)
-How well does the camera's washer spray work? Does it clean the lens well?
-Does the fluid distort the camera view for awhile after the spray has stopped (while there's still some fluid on the lens)? Or does the view clear up quickly?
-Has anyone tried using the spray in sub-freezing temps? Does the fluid freeze on the lens?

Also... I've already read several reports that the rear camera mirror is not very effective at night. But I'm wondering if adjusting the screen brightness helps at all with this?

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I have not seen any dirt in my first 1,000 miles driving thru southern California. It is a desert, but perhaps less dusty/salty than you are interested in. It does get blurry from rain, and the washer spray has worked great. I don't know of a brightness adjustment, but I think it works ok at night - you mostly see headlights rather than the actual cars, much like a real mirror at night.
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