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Bolt EV Presidents' Day Pricing at Rydell Chevrolet!

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Rydell Chevrolet
18600 Devonshire St.
Northridge Ca. 91324

All 2017 Bolt EV LT - Rydell Discount of $2,000 Off MSRP (PLUS all applicable incentives and government rebates)
All 2017 Bolt EV Premier - Rydell Discount of $2,500 Off MSRP (PLUS all applicable incentives and government rebates)

Lease Special:

per month, plus tax
with $3,550 Consumer Cash due at signing.
20 at this exact payment
All in stock with MSRP of $37,495
36 Month closed end lease. On approved credit. $3,550 Consumer Cash + $2,500 Factory
rebate = $6,050 total due at signing. Consumer Cash due at signing already includes sales tax, license,
dealer, bank and government fees and first month’s payment. $0 security deposit. 25 cents per mile over 10,000 miles per year. Residency restrictions apply. Please see dealer for details.

For more information please contact us directly at 1(866)618-1457 or submit an inquiry at!

Thank you!
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Sweet deal. Just so I understand, the factory rebate is something that the customer will receive back as a check/deposit later?
Think of the rebate as "lease cash"...GM corporate, not the dealership, is giving that particular discount...Then Rydell is offering another $2000-$2500 off as a dealer discount...Then you can qualify for the CA state incentive that can be another $2500 check...So all in all there could be 3 $2500 "discounts from all different sources...
They say $6,050 due at signing, which makes me think the customer has to front the $2,500.
Several ways to present this math equation, if you want to focus on "due at signing" then no the customer does not front the $2,500...It's $3550 due at signing and $269 PLUS TTL (If you go to lease offers you'll see the official narrative of "Tax, title, license, and dealer fees extra. $0 security deposit.")...

I believe this dealership is offering a good deal at this time, $2K-$2500 off is great deal on a vehicle that just recently launched and will launch in 50 states even though it's only launched in two(?) states so far...
I see it as $3550 from my pocket and GM kicks in $2500. California residents get $2500 rebate so the total out of pocket could be seen as $50.

Not bad but that is a Bolt with no options, no fast charge option, and 10K miles per year.
You mean $1050 out of pocket BEFORE TTL? Most dealers will even do true zero out of pocket, you do pay more total due to interest but the interest is fairly low, many experts agree that is the best way to lease...
My mistake, $1050 after the California rebate.
It says the $3550 includes license, title and tax (not much since on a lease you pay the tax on the payment amount)
Not bad but it looks like Rick already beat this deal.
Also says under the monthly payment PLUS TAX so there are some question marks, however your first payment on a Bolt is not waived...Plug the numbers into a lease calculator with $2000 off the sales price and you get far different numbers than what's advertised...I guess it's after presidents day so I'll list the numbers...Take a $37,495 MSRP, -$2000 = a sales price of $35,495, -$2500 incentive, adjust the down payment to reflect the a $3,550 drive off, ($2,316 down) add the other junk (First month's payment incl. tax: $313, Down payment: $2,316, Registration and doc fee: $480, Tax on cap cost reduction and fees: $441" and if you want a true $3,550 drive off you're at a $313/mo payment, all inclusive with L.A. county tax...You also get the $2500 state incentive assuming you qualify...

Knock another $1000 off the sales price ($3K discount) and keep the same $3550 drive off and get a monthly payment of $281...

Most dealers do not advertise OTD deals, you're welcome to check the math for a lease calculator...
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