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Bolt EV Presidents' Day Pricing at Rydell Chevrolet!

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Rydell Chevrolet
18600 Devonshire St.
Northridge Ca. 91324

All 2017 Bolt EV LT - Rydell Discount of $2,000 Off MSRP (PLUS all applicable incentives and government rebates)
All 2017 Bolt EV Premier - Rydell Discount of $2,500 Off MSRP (PLUS all applicable incentives and government rebates)

Lease Special:

per month, plus tax
with $3,550 Consumer Cash due at signing.
20 at this exact payment
All in stock with MSRP of $37,495
36 Month closed end lease. On approved credit. $3,550 Consumer Cash + $2,500 Factory
rebate = $6,050 total due at signing. Consumer Cash due at signing already includes sales tax, license,
dealer, bank and government fees and first month’s payment. $0 security deposit. 25 cents per mile over 10,000 miles per year. Residency restrictions apply. Please see dealer for details.

For more information please contact us directly at 1(866)618-1457 or submit an inquiry at!

Thank you!
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Sweet deal. Just so I understand, the factory rebate is something that the customer will receive back as a check/deposit later?
Good question. A factory rebate is a rebate, but the way this is presented I'm thinking it's been applied as cap reduction. Just a guess. I'm also thinking that "Consumer Cash" is what you pony up. In any event, a little confusing.
They say $6,050 due at signing, which makes me think the customer has to front the $2,500.
Ok. If the customer doesn't have to front the $2,500, then that is pretty good. Especially considering, depending on the customer's financial situation, they might qualify for and additional $2,500 or more from CARB.
My mistake, $1050 after the California rebate.
It says the $3550 includes license, title and tax (not much since on a lease you pay the tax on the payment amount)
Not bad but it looks like Rick already beat this deal.
How so? Are you referring to the Keyes $3,000 off? Because last time I checked $5,000 off is a better deal than $3,000 off.
$3000 off from Keyes and $2500 off from GM = $5500, but that deal is over now.
All they said was $3,000. I've showed up to find out that $3,000 included the $2,500 off from GM. Caveat emptor.
You went to Keyes and asked Rick? I called yesterday, talked to the girl I got my Volt and Silverado from. She checked with Rick and then told me the $3000 was from Keyes and was in addition to the $2500 from GM.
If so, that's great. Get it in writing.
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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