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Bolt EV Pre Sales Keyes update

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We are starting our Presales on Bolt we have 37 Invoices and expect to see those units along with 50 more other in the next 7 to 10 days. This is not an absolute delivery time only an estimate. For those who are interested in Presale units and have deposits and are local feel free to come in. We will be reaching out over the next few days as well. In addition we picked up additional units from the factory and thus have some un spoken for. We do expect that at the beginning and perhaps continuing that Bolts will be in high demand and will do our best as always to get all members and friends there Bolts.

Thank you

This is just a general notice

Rick Alpern
GM Keyes Chevy
818 231 1286
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So just confirming, if I sent in a deposit back in Oct, I should be in this group and will be contacted?

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