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Bolt EV owners: Does the Regen paddle work in L mode?

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Test drove a Bolt EV at the same day as the CT6 PHEV.
The regen in L mode was intense on the Bolt, but the paddle had no effect. Is this normal?
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I noticed the same "lack of paddle regen" in L when I test drove a Bolt. What's strange is that someone had taken it out for a test drive just before me and it was NOT fully charged. There was plenty of "pedal regen" in L (which I think would also be curtailed if the battery was topped off, right?) but absolutely NONE for the paddle.

Given that we just had the "nanny" triple-honk put on our Volts for leaving them on, I would think that GM's lawyers would have mandated that there be some kind of "indicator" to warn drivers that regen is not available--use the friction brakes. I could see someone expecting to get regen, not getting it, and rear-ending someone. Next thing you know GM is getting sued...
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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