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Bolt EV owners: Does the Regen paddle work in L mode?

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Test drove a Bolt EV at the same day as the CT6 PHEV.
The regen in L mode was intense on the Bolt, but the paddle had no effect. Is this normal?
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I did not see an increase in regen using the paddle in L whatsoever. I believe the car might have had a faulty switch or something.
If the battery pack is near full state of charge... regen is diminished to almost nothing.
If you "burn off" a few miles, you'll have max regen available once again.

To answer the original question, pulling the paddle adds additional regen even when driving in "L" mode.... no question about it- as long as you're not near max state of charge.
^ Well, there you go!

I went out for bagels yesterday morning... I had the Bolt plugged in overnight. I was quite surprised at the first stop sign on my street when I actually had to hit the brakes to stop the Bolt. On the trip home (3.1mi round trip to the bagel place) I could use full regen again. Guess I burned off enough electrons that there was room for some regen-recharge.

I just "topped off" at work a few min ago, so tonight out of the gate I know not to expect full regen till I put a few miles on the battery.

Live and learn right?
... I could see someone expecting to get regen, not getting it, and rear-ending someone. Next thing you know GM is getting sued...
They got you covered... the auto breaking won't let you hit the car in front of you ;)

I'm not going to test it like I tested the lane keeper (it worked perfectly by nudging the Bolt back into the lane), but I assume the auto breaking will work perfectly too.
LOL... yeah, I had plenty of old cars (Fiat's, Triumphs, MGB...) that break automatically.
It automatically broke as soon as you completed the previou$$ repair :mad:

Today, on my first commute to and from work with the Bolt... I did not hit the brake pedal for the full 50 mi round trip. I stopped the charge at work when the app indicated 99% (222mi range) complete. I had full regen after that. :)
There is a white line in the regen portion of the DIC that indicates the max regen available given the SOC (and possibly other factors, such as temperature)...
Good tip...thanks!

It's buried on page 116 of the owners manual, and really isn't helpful at all...

And then there's this from the "Getting to know your Bolt" PDF, which doesn't really match what was mentioned in the owners manual....

So far... love the car, the manual hower is very lacking in fine detail and points of emphasis.
The car gets a 9+, the owners manual gets a 4.
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