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Bolt EV owners: Does the Regen paddle work in L mode?

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Test drove a Bolt EV at the same day as the CT6 PHEV.
The regen in L mode was intense on the Bolt, but the paddle had no effect. Is this normal?
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There was an article that discussed this question

It said, in part....

In addition to the Low drive setting, the Bolt has a Regen on Demand paddle on the steering wheel. So there are actually four different levels of regen with the level of deceleration getting stronger at each level below:

Drive mode (mildest regen <.2g’s)
Drive mode using Regen on Demand paddle
Low mode
Low mode plus using Regen on Demand paddle (strongest regen ~.3g’s)
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Are they actually available yet? I saw the announcement, but when I called Maven they couldn't say whether or not...
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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