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Bolt EV owners: Does the Regen paddle work in L mode?

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Test drove a Bolt EV at the same day as the CT6 PHEV.
The regen in L mode was intense on the Bolt, but the paddle had no effect. Is this normal?
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Sounds like more testing is in order...Somewhat surprising a dealer has it absolutely 100% charged, you figure by the end of the test drive there would be enough of a drain to notice a difference...

They got you covered... the auto breaking won't let you hit the car in front of you ;)

I'm not going to test it like I tested the lane keeper (it worked perfectly by nudging the Bolt back into the lane), but I assume the auto breaking will work perfectly too.
Except to get "auto breaking" you need to change trims to the Premier and add an infotainment package...Also, unless I missed a news article, the point of it is a last resort/soften the blow functionality vs autonomous braking...Perhaps under certain conditions such as single digit speeds it could indeed prevent a collision, but it wasn't designed to be used as an ACC replacement...
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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