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Bolt EV OTA Updates?

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I am pretty sure I saw a reference in another thread somewhere (but can't find it) where an article quoted a GM engineer saying that the Bolt would get OTA updates via Onstar?

Yesterday morning when I started the car, the center infotainment screen was plain blue and then "Hello Jeff" appeared for about 3 seconds, and then the normal home screen appeared.

I hadn't seen that intro screen with my name before, and thought maybe this was just one of those periodic screens that comes up now and then (like on the Volt where they post a period ironic reminder on the infotainment screen to remind driver how distracting that very screen is), but my door lock settings had all changed from what they had been since I set them several weeks prior... so I wonder if an update was sent to the car and applied?

Just wondering if others have experienced this recently.
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Mine better not say "Hello Jeff."

I think they would have been better off with, "Good morning, Dave."
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