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Bolt EV leading Tesla in AV's, with Google the leader?

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An article at 'Seeking Alpha' reviews and cites formal data submitted to California by companies testing self driving cars in CA.

Data shows tesla =1 disengagement (human intervention) every 3 miles, GM/Cruise = 1 disengagement every 54 miles average for year, but reaching nearly 1 in 400 in last month of testing with Bolts.. Google leads

here's the link:

The title is 'The Tesla Self-Driving Dreams Are Just That... Dreams'
No wonder there are 1006 comments!

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Tesla stopped using it's initial supplier of autonomous components (or complete system?) and went to a new system. Did that negate the experience. performance results and data obtained with the millions of miles logged with the old system? Similarly, Cadillac delayed their (GM) system.

i would love to have an autonomous vehicle, especially for my wife who has a hard time driving at night, and I am happy to see the progress on everyone's part. But it is hard for me to understand what is really going on after the change in system(s).
digging further, i went to the autonomous vehicle thread on the tesla motor club forum, and found the following post. There are many more pro and con comments there re the state of Tesla self driving - sorry i cannot seem to add a link, but recommend you go there.

Here's the post:

NerdUno, Jan 30, 2017
I just sent the following note to Tesla, but wanted to alert others to some of the problems we have experienced with AP2...

We have 17.3.2 and have used AutoSteer extensively on a number of interstate highways since its initial release. Primitive would be an understatement. Here's what we have encountered. On a straight road with no cars, AP2 appears to work satisfactorily at 45 MPH. On a road which curves leaving the vehicle driving into the sun even with human-readable lane markings that remain easy to decipher with the naked eye, the car is worse than dangerous. The car immediately zig zags from lane to lane with no realization that vehicles may be in the other lanes, even beside the car. On highways with exit ramps, AP2 always follows the exit ramp if you are in the right lane even without a right turn signal and even with clearly marked dotted lines on left side of the lane and even if following a vehicle proceeding straight ahead. AP2 still slams on the brakes when approaching almost any (stationary) overhead sign on an interstate.

I appreciate that AP1 code needed tweaking for the new hardware, but AP2 really leaves the impression that the developers started over... and have not progressed even to the level of what most would consider safe driving. There really should be more warnings and alerts regarding documented problems for those that are expecting a safer driving experience. A traffic fatality would be a huge setback for Tesla, not to mention the poor driver.
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GM (Mary Barra) said they were to produce (approximately) 50 autonomous Bolts on the assembly line in early 2016 for testing in Michigan (including
severe winter weather). Has anyone seen theses? I wonder if the roof arrays will look similar to those on the Cruise text vehicles, or if they will be more refined?

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