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Bolt EV leading Tesla in AV's, with Google the leader?

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An article at 'Seeking Alpha' reviews and cites formal data submitted to California by companies testing self driving cars in CA.

Data shows tesla =1 disengagement (human intervention) every 3 miles, GM/Cruise = 1 disengagement every 54 miles average for year, but reaching nearly 1 in 400 in last month of testing with Bolts.. Google leads

here's the link:

The title is 'The Tesla Self-Driving Dreams Are Just That... Dreams'
No wonder there are 1006 comments!

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Personally I can't wait for these autonomous vehicles to show up. I'm essentially blind in low light conditions and anything outside the well lit areas is a blur. I have to avoid night, esp. evening driving due to this. There are many like me with various complications who really are not optimally safe on the roads in all conditions.

That said....

I purchased a top of the line BMW I3 REX last year for my wife just to test the waters. And I have to say even things like the ACC are extraordinarily primitive and finicky. In the more robust weather conditions we have put it through it can not stand up to even little things like a little fog or dust from lawn mowing. A humidity change from 30% to 60%, something that can happen when you drive a couple of miles around easily disables it. The autonomous parallel parking is fairly primitive as well.

No doubt in production cars, TESLA is way ahead of BMW and pushing other manufacturers as a whole to advance the tech. But reading the reports I'm not sure if all this is anything more than Generation 0.1 type technology, including TESLA.

My own opinion is
2-3 disengagements per trip is Gen 0.1 tech or even less . Not sure we are even at this place. If your copier did this you would not have bought it even 50 years ago.

The end should be 2-3 disengagements per year in all weather conditions. We are verily at the bottom of the mountain and arguing over molehills.
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