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Bolt EV leading Tesla in AV's, with Google the leader?

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An article at 'Seeking Alpha' reviews and cites formal data submitted to California by companies testing self driving cars in CA.

Data shows tesla =1 disengagement (human intervention) every 3 miles, GM/Cruise = 1 disengagement every 54 miles average for year, but reaching nearly 1 in 400 in last month of testing with Bolts.. Google leads

here's the link:

The title is 'The Tesla Self-Driving Dreams Are Just That... Dreams'
No wonder there are 1006 comments!

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Tesla = Production, very few could look at brand new AP2.0-equiped tesla and an non-AP older Tesla and point out the AP tech...
Bolt EV = Not production, huge roof arrays of equipment and unknown costs. Even if left the equipment arrays and just put a fancy trim cover it and charged $100K there would be people who would buy it, but GM may not be releasing any autonomous vehicles for private ownership over the Gen1 Bolt EVs life cycle; this is in part due to regulation vs GM's ability...But I do expect GM to sell these to fleets...
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