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Bolt EV leading Tesla in AV's, with Google the leader?

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An article at 'Seeking Alpha' reviews and cites formal data submitted to California by companies testing self driving cars in CA.

Data shows tesla =1 disengagement (human intervention) every 3 miles, GM/Cruise = 1 disengagement every 54 miles average for year, but reaching nearly 1 in 400 in last month of testing with Bolts.. Google leads

here's the link:

The title is 'The Tesla Self-Driving Dreams Are Just That... Dreams'
No wonder there are 1006 comments!

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I find it funny they seem to completely ignore the fact that Tesla has over 1.3 Billion autopilot miles under it's belt (as of Nov 2016). As of the middle of 2015 Waymo only has about 1 million miles under it's belt (last data point I could find)
You can't compare Tesla's highway Lane Keep + ACC assistance with Google's autonomous driving.
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