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So, by cutting a professional wrestling promo, I was able to convince Bjorn Nyland (TeslaBjorn) to let me join in on his freeway speed efficiency test. It was primarily to see the variations between Model 3 configurations; however, we also had my Chevy Bolt EV, Hyundai Ioniq Electric, and Tesla Model S P85+ (RWD) as controls.

As with all great plans, this one also went awry. I was following a couple of the Tesla owners because they had the route plugged in and were in communication through the chat, but they lead me astray. The three of us unfortunately took a wrong route (comparing the two identical Model 3s, the one that took the wrong route with us was 5% less efficient than the Model 3 that took the correct route), and I compounded the error when I lost track of them.

I was having to rely on the Teslas as pace cars because both the Bolt EV and Ioniq Electric's speedometers were reading 2-3 mph faster than all of the Teslas. So when I lost track of the others, I just set my cruise control to the agreed upon 75 mph. The fact that I caught up to them despite being being half a mile to a mile behind them confirms that my speedometer was reading slower than theirs.

Regardless, for me, this was mostly to dispel myths about the Bolt EV's freeway efficiency, which I think this test accomplished. To me, this test provided further validation that under typical conditions with a majority of driving at 75 mph, the Bolt EV will maintain about 3.5 mi/kWh. While not award winning, it puts it near the top of all non-sedan EVs at this point.

Bjorn posted the results video here. *Spoilers*

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