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Bolt EV earns IIHS Top Safety Pick

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Only area it was dinged (and thus not able to get the Top Safety Pick+ rating) is the headlights....for being TOO bright for oncoming drivers. :confused:

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One thing I found interesting about the Cadillac night vision system is that it stops you from getting blinded by headlights. You can see right through them even in haze.
Interesting tidbit about the Bolt EV.

MFR reports curb weight of 3,580 lb, IIHS weighed it at 3,493 lbs.

Roof is stronger than the Tesla Model S. Both in absolute strength, 20k lb to 19k lb, and better strength to weight at 33% higher ratio. 5.74 vs 4.33.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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