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To give you an idea what it may run for what your asking. My neighbor just recently installed a 3 phase system for his residence(this include burying the lines from the utility pole to the meter), between the wiring from the transformer to the house alone was close to 10 grand. It required the utility company to replace the Y transformer with one powerful enough to accommodate him, he up the amperage as well to his abode. Do not know if utility absorbed cost for new transformer or not. This did not include installation of DCFC, which surprisingly he did not install, though he was considering it. He did install 60amp 240 charger. In short cost prohibitive for what you gain from it. And if you have a Volt, a DCFC, ain't nuttin that the darn thing will do for ole volty and if you purchased a Bolt, not sure I wish to fast charge a battery everyday.
1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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