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Bolt EV All-Weather Floor Mats (hi-res pictures included)

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I picked up the GM all-weather mats (list price $130) for the Bolt and thought I would share them with you.

  1. Nice thick heavy rubber to protect the interior
  2. Plenty of areas to trap water and dirt
  3. Custom fit for the car including anchoring points for the driver's side
  4. Contiguous rear carpet protection from one side to the other
  5. Cool logo off to each side

  1. Does not cover the driver's left foot rest
  2. The driver's carpet anchor snaps are embedded in the carpet and not the floor of the car which means they move around (actually a Bolt issue)
  3. The passenger side does not go up beyond the floor to protect the carpet near the the firewall (where your wet boots would touch)
  4. Only comes in black
  5. No trunk protection

Pictures of the mats:

Pictures of the same car with the original carpets (have to scroll through them):

I vacuumed the original mats and put them in the box to store.
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At some point in the near future, we will fix most of those issues for you, Canlplugin! Check out the VoltFloorMats on my website, There will be BoltFloorMats as soon as I can get my hands on a Bolt for a day or so. Same features, same idea, just cut for the Bolt. I can't make any promises until I actually get a prototype set made, but I expect to be able to offer the same color choices and pricing as the current models for the Volt. Sorry I can't fix the issues for you right now, but there aren't any Bolts on the ground up here yet.

Hi Steve I added your 'call for a car' to the Bolt EV Wiki:
Thanks, evmitchell! Good thinking if you ask me. I sent you a PM.

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