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Boeing Battery Fire Cause: Bad Wiring?

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The Japan Transport Ministry released a report Wednesday saying it found that the battery in question had been improperly wired. The Associated Press citing the Transport Ministry report, said the ANA 787's auxiliary power unit was incorrectly connected to the main battery that overheated. However, the ministry said it still needed further investigation to determine exactly what caused the main battery to overheat.

One claims Boeing had determined that the solution to the overheating problem was to increase the gaps between the battery's individual cells, but the report gave no other details.

GM engineers and autoworkers sure shine compared to Boeing battery engineering and assemby.
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(Goes to prove teams of slide rulers mathematicians did a better job on the 707, 727 & 747's - than all the modern wizard IT software the modern young engineer relies on - crap in - results in crap out)
Thank you for your comment. I am one of the old-school electrical engineers that used the slide rule since high school, did math in my head (I can do square roots!), remembered formulas, search for data in reference books and log tables, and use common sense and logic when I did my designs and applied data (the calculators and computers came after I graduated). Yet I have worked with hundreds of computers, mostly large-frame IBM systems, and I am now working with microcontrollers, such as the Basic Stamp, the Arduino Uno, and the Raspberry Pi. I am a DIYer and I still build my own experimental circuits (my favorite store is Radio Shack).

I believe that modern engineers should be taught old-school methods first so they know how to think, and then learn to use computers later.
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