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Boeing Battery Fire Cause: Bad Wiring?

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The Japan Transport Ministry released a report Wednesday saying it found that the battery in question had been improperly wired. The Associated Press citing the Transport Ministry report, said the ANA 787's auxiliary power unit was incorrectly connected to the main battery that overheated. However, the ministry said it still needed further investigation to determine exactly what caused the main battery to overheat.

One claims Boeing had determined that the solution to the overheating problem was to increase the gaps between the battery's individual cells, but the report gave no other details.

GM engineers and autoworkers sure shine compared to Boeing battery engineering and assemby.
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Well never mind, Qantas cancelled all 50 orders of the dream liners due to delays - share price of Qantas is up!
I sort of lost interest after they rolled the first one out and couldn't do fatigue tests on the wings without major redesigns.
(Goes to prove teams of slide rulers mathematicians did a better job on the 707, 727 & 747's - than all the modern wizard IT software the modern young engineer relies on - crap in - results in crap out)

Qantas May buy a few later once all the issues are all sorted and there is no lengthy order que.
Correction my local rag was wrong & so was I - they canceled 1 of the initial order of 15, leaving 14 firm orders for their Jetstar division (Low cost carrier brand) and canceled all 35 for Qantas last August.

So it still appears they are taking 14 for Jetstar.

What a weird world - in days gone past the premium brand would have gotten the latest plane and now they give it the economy brand first ?
Maybe it will save them more money this way ?
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