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Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone else encountered this issue:

2017 Volt, LG V10 phone running Marshmallow.

After starting a car phone connects over Bluetooth, but no audio can be heard over car speakers. Both phone and a car think that BT is connected. I found a workaround to temporarily fix this is to go into BT settings on the phone, disable Media Audio, then enable it again, at that point it starts working as expected. Next time I start the car - it's the same thing.

I tested with Galaxy Note 3 running Lollipop and that one is working fine. And I don't have any issues from that LG V10 phone with other cars, and I tried 3 of them, 2 Mazdas and 1 Honda.

So to me this looks like some kind of incompatibility between a new way Marshmallow implements A2DP streaming and Volt's system.

If anyone else had this issue with other phones - I'd appreciate more information, especially if you know how to resolve it :)
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