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Bluetooth OBD

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I have a 2011 Volt. Quite a while ago I read somewhere that if you use a bluetooth OBD device and leave it plugged in all the time, you will not be able to use Onstar as far as vehicle status and/or remote key fob commands. Is this true? Something about the car can only use one communication device at a time, like OBD and Onstar. I do have an Onstar subscription so I can get charging status updates and start my car remotely, I live in Phoenix and is nice to start it 10 minutes before I leave work.
If I can use both Onstar for the above mentioned features AND an OBD device, which android app is the best for monitoring the Volt systems?
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I use Torque Lite and MyGreenVolt. The latter is obviously optimized for showing Volt specific info. Torque can show more information, but isn't as optimized and more difficult to setup for Volt specific info.

I leave mine plugged in, but I haven't used Onstar for anything but status and remote commands.
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